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    Prevention at Sea

It is not the ship so much as the skilful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.- George William Curtis

Prevention at Sea is an ISO 9001 maritime technology and marine risk firm, certified by Lloyd's Register, built on a safety culture and risk prevention foundations. The company was born to serve the shipping industry by preventing the negatives and promoting the positives. Our clients benefit from our diversified maritime services and innovative software products which ensure paperless functionalities, high calibre and fleet performance optimization, effective treatment of marine operational risks, prevention of ‘human factor’ errors and compliance with regulations, by allowing the maritime business environment to thrive.

Join our philosophy “Don’t Cure, Prevent!”

Making Prevention a Habit

Prevention at Sea is a multiple award-winning Maritime Technology & Marine Risk firm, offering comprehensive solutions in identifying, eliminating or mitigating potential risks to your shipping business.

Our deep knowledge of the industry combined with the latest of technology, enables us to provide innovative solutions for the entire shipping world spectrum.

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