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Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator recognizes Prevention at Sea’s electronic Oil Record Book (ɛ-ORB)

Following a review of Prevention at Sea's ε-ORB software, the RMI Maritime Administrator has determined that the software may be used on-board RMI flagged ships to fulfill the requirements in section 7.41.2 of the RMI Maritime Regulations to maintain an Oil Record Book Part I and Part II.

Since 2014, Prevention at Sea has been very active in software development in the maritime sector by winning multiple awards for innovation, especially with its Lloyd’s Register approved ε-ORB software, designed to be used for the preparation and printing of the traditional Oil Record Book.  
The approval of the ε-ORB software by the Marshall Islands is the latest addition to a long list of approvals by other major registries and authorities, offering the option for ships and related personnel to use the software to generate / print the ORB to act as their official traditional paper ORB.

 “We are proud to have won so many awards and flag registry approvals in such a short space of time,” said Petros Achtypis, CEO of Prevention at Sea. 

“Each Flag registry approval and recognition from the Industry strengthens the fact that our system has proved its worth by saving ship operators and managers time and money as it is easy to use and helps eliminate oil record book errors and the risk of PSC fines, making the whole system transparent, credible and traceable,”   he added.

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