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F.I.SH. Platform

‘Fleet Information Sharing- F.I.SH.’ is an online ship data repository designed to standardise, optimise and reduce time spent in the ship inspection process as well as ship data collection for review bythird parties.

The platform also provides an innovative solution for ship data exchange between the Ship, the Ship Operator and Third Party stakeholders such as Flag States, P&ls, Charterers and Port State Control.

The F.I.SH. project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of RESTART 2016-2020 of the Cypriot Research and Innovation Foundation (Prot. No. ENTERPRISES/0916/0134) and is endorsed by the Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Shipping (DMS), which contributes in the research and development of the project, with their technical expertise and extensive experience.


Designed to offer:

  • Online uploading of fleet data
  • Remote access on ship data before ship’s arrival at port
  • Evaluation of third party requests for remote access on ship data
  • Secured permission process to review ship data online
  • Role based authorization for data exchange
  • Blockchain technology for data security
  • Ship and fleet validations
  • Big data analytics



  • Provides a secure communication channel between the Ship, the Ship Operator and Third parties
  • Prevents data inaccuracy
  • Allows control of data exchange
  • Establishes an inspection tool for Auditors, Inspectors and Surveyors
  • Virtualises, simplifies, organises and standardises the ship inspection process and ship data collection
  • Provides ship/fleet data analytics and performance benchmarking
  • Enables integration with various electronic systems that maintain ship/fleet data
  • Utilises ship data digitalisation
  • Reduces administrative burden and allowstime for efficient physical inspection
  • Removes the need for physical inspections