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Ashore marine risk assessment for quality assurance

The ashore marine risk assessment is carried out at the ship operator premises. It involves evaluation of the implemented procedures or management practices and assists in the early identification of ‘areas requiring improvement’. By implementing our risk based auditing approach and techniques, Prevention at Sea will identify potential non-compliant practices involving risks as well as propose effective and efficient controls for improvement, follow up the decisions taken and validate the efficiency of newly established procedures. 

We assure that the ship operator departments share, exchange information and implement best management practices with the ultimate purpose of achieving safe operation, continuous improvement, compliance with the set Standards which in turn lead to considerably reduced risk profile ratings rendering the ship operator an excellent choice for doing business and exploring new ventures. 

With our key risk indicators, we provide the client with a tool aiding in the early detection of potential risk exposures before they escalate.

The vessel operator marine risk assessment is recommended to clients who seek for objective evaluations and efficient calculation of the vessel operator risk profile and it is ideal for those who wish to obtain a clear picture of the management established procedures, the sense of safety and quality culture amongst the departments as well as the operator office operational readiness and response. It can be employed for chartering, insurance, banking, TMSA purposes etc.