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Build your Campaign

The ‘Build Your Campaign’ service has been designed to meet the requirements of the ISM Code element 2 as well as the TMSA element 9a. The aim of the ‘Build Your Campaign’ service is to become a valuable tool in the Ship Operator/Manager hands. By designing and running an effective and diversified campaign on behalf of our clients, our goal is to identify areas for improvement, mitigate risks, enhance communication, ensure efficiency of current practices and promote a safety notion. In order to ‘build your campaign’, Shipping Companies may select from a wide range of options based on their unique needs and budget. 

Prevention at Sea has prepared an indicative portfolio of options from which clients can choose the tools (all or a number of them) best fitting to their needs. Indicatively we can:

  • Design, monitor and follow up the Company’s Campaign based on the topic selected by the client
  • Review the Company’s current procedures and make proposals for their optimization
  • Produce and circulate amongst the fleet and the company an introduction video based on the Campaign’s Topic
  • Design effective and efficient posters or other material 
  • Deliver training based on the campaign findings and communicate ‘Lessons Learnt’
  • Perform Risk Assessment Audits and Behaviour Based Audits
  • Carry out remote (long distance) assessment
  • Deliver a detailed report of the campaign’s results enclosing KPIs, statistical analysis and suggestions/proposals