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Environmental audit and Court appointed Monitor / TPA

Following close collaboration and discussions with the U.S. Department of Justice, Prevention at Sea is recognized and qualified to act as a Third Party Auditor (TPA) and Court Appointed Monitor (CAM).

Thus, companies who are looking for a qualified, reputable and trustworthy consultant/ auditing authority to act as the TPA and CAP can now recommend to the U.S. court and appoint this role to Prevention at Sea.

In the United States, MARPOL, is enforced by the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS). According to the US law, companies involved in MARPOL illegal discharges of oil and other hazardous substances in the sea and falsification of official logs, are actively prosecuted resulting in large penalties and jail sentences.

If a plea agreement is reached between the vessel owner and/or the vessel operator and the U.S Department of Justice Environment and Natural Resources Division, the prosecuted party/ies are obligated to implement a court approved Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP). Such an Environmental Plan include audits conducted by a Third Party Auditor (TPA) and compliance is monitored by a Court Appointed Monitor (CAM).

Acting as the Third Part Auditor (TPA) our Team through their extensive experience in Environmental Audits can deliver efficient Marine Risk Assessments for Environmental purposes. Audits are designed and based on a ‘no blame’ culture. They are conducted in such a way as to identify and address ‘areas of non-compliance’ by proposing actions of rectification and preventive measures as well as verify areas where implementation of the international requirements along with effective and environmental protection practices are efficiently implemented.

Acting as the Court Appointed Monitor, Prevention at Sea can prepare the subject plan as well as conduct audits and reviews of the submitted environmental plan, report to the court in regards to the company’s environmental compliance and work closely with our clients to promote environmental protection practices.