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ISM code & quality manuals

Safety, health, quality and environmental management systems

The journey of each ship operator is unique and different. For ship operators seeking to implement high quality assurance procedures, we produce tailored management system manuals pursuant to the international standards and shipping legislation, and in accordance with the company’s custom needs, operation field and international conventions.

Prevention at Sea specializes in the compilation of Safety, Health, Quality and Environmental management systems designed to be simple, comprehensive, focused and clearly structured making  them extremely user friendly.

The template of our SMS manual has been developed based on the technical knowledge and experience gathered over the years as well as on vital key management practices and it is maintained up to date.

We can review the existing management manual by determining ‘areas of improvement’ and to propose workable solutions based on the client’s needs with the aim to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the management procedures.


ECDIS manual

The regulatory requirements for Familiarization with ECDIS derive from the ISM code and the STCW Convention regulation 1/14 which require that the company should establish procedures to ensure that new personnel and personnel transferred to new assignments related to safety and protection of the environment are given proper familiarization with their duties. The ISM code requires the 'company' to establish ‘instructions which are essential to be provided prior to sailing that should be identified, documented and given’.

The ‘PaSea ECDIS manual’ is a user friendly manual, designed with the aim to share best practices and ensure that the transition from paper charts to paperless navigation by electronic charts is performed efficiently and safe. It is a step-by-step process Manual with detailed procedures, instructions and responsibilities. It is a Company specific manual developed in line with IMO guidelines, Flag state and ISM requirements.