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Maritime corporate training

By identifying a growing demand for specialized training in the Shipping Industry, Prevention at Sea in cooperation with Visible have developed a range of 'Maritime Corporate Modules' designed specifically for the maritime world.

Together, we have designed a library of distinct themes with a fundamental aim to meet the current needs of the industry stakeholders (Oil Majors etc.), focusing on key elements and present issues faced in daily operation and inter-communication of the company as well as strategic planning within the industry.

These 'Maritime corporate modules' have been designed to have an interactive nature aiming to motivate and inspire individuals through mentoring and knowledge sharing. The content of the 'Maritime corporate modules' include best practices of the industry, case studies, role playing and videos derived from real life scenarios.

Our training courses on managerial skills are designed around the notion that a successful manager should command good communication, leadership and motivational skills. Our experience has shown that managers who seek continuous improvement in themselves manage to successfully lead, inspire, motivate and accomplish desired outcomes.

Effective management skills should be cultivated, developed and mastered. Such skills can be developed through training, mentoring, and experience on a continuous basis.




"Taking responsibility of your education!"