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N.ε.MO software

“N.ε.MO” (Noon Emissions Monitoring) is a robust maritime standalone application designed to assist ships and ship operators in the proper Voyage Monitoring and Reporting of EU/IMO CO2 emissions and SEEMP requirements, as well as in the data collection and annual reporting.

Customised reports per company (noon, arrival, departure, bunkering etc.) are designed to ensure smooth operation and friendly usefulness on board while online advanced analytics are available through Prevention at Sea’s official platform ‘iSeA’, a platform designed for fleet performance optimization.

Uploading CO2 emissions data to the Thetis MRV platform is made easy.

The N.ε.MO software ensures:

  • Customization based on ship specific machinery profile and charter party profile
  • Office will not spend time in validating or verifying data
  • Time saving and efficiencies in process
  • Ability to transfer data from other software
  • Advanced analytics
  • Monitoring of all voyages
  • A user-friendly data collection approach

Features & Benefits:

  • Covers EU MRV/IMO DCS, SEEMP requirements
  • Uploading data to Thetis MRV
  • User-friendly calendar view
  • Voyage history and quick search option
  • Event based voyage monitoring
  • Standalone software
  • Ship specific and charter party validations
  • Online advanced analytics/statistics
  • Certified software product
  • Full reporting on port calls
  • Fleet benchmarking