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Technical manuals required by local regulations

Biofouling management plan

It is prepared according to USCG Regulation 33 CFR §151.2050 & IMO relevant Resolution “Guidelines for the control and management of ships' biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species”.

The purpose of this plan is to outline measures that should be taken for the control and management of the vessel’s biofouling by minimizing the transfer of any invasive aquatic species.


Vessel General Permit

This manual sets out procedures to be implemented on board the vessel with the aim of ensuring compliance with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for ships compiled in full regulation issued by the EPA.
This permit is applicable to discharges incidental to the normal operation of a vessel into waters that are subject to this permit. 


Panama Canal Ship Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP)

This plan is a program that seeks to implement emergency preparedness strategies for Panama Canal waters. The PCSOPEP aids the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) in minimizing consequences of spills and emergencies by safeguarding life, reducing the impact on the environment, and ensuring the continuous operation of the Canal.

This is an Annex to the SOPEP providing emergency preparedness for the Panama Canal Waters according to the requirements of the Regulation on Navigation in Panama Canal Waters.


Vector management manual 

The International Health Regulation states that conveyance operators should “permanently keep conveyances for which they are responsible free of sources of infection or contamination, including vectors and reservoirs”. The regulation states that every conveyance leaving an area where vector control is recommended by WHO should be disinfected and kept free from vectors. 

India is one of the many countries who are adopting integrated vector control strategy and monitoring the results on Integrated Vector Management strategies.