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Vessel marine risk assessment for quality assurance

The ‘vessel marine risk assessment for quality assurance’, requires a physical presence on board and it is carried out by our experienced marine risk auditors, trained by Prevention at Sea on a regular basis. It incorporates modern auditing techniques along with key risk indicators which have been designed in accordance with the Industry’s standards and best practices. The ship is split into zones enabling the marine risk auditor to focus during the assessment in small but important details with the aim to initially calculate the individual risk profile corresponding to each zone and the overall risk profile at the completion of the said process. Both the ship and the crew are audited in various important aspects for quality assurance purposes.

We assess the seafarers’ familiarization and experience pursuant to their emergency duties and on board training program and we verify that the vessel is safely operated in accordance with the International Standards while efficient safe management and support from ashore is provided. 

Guidance for compliance with best practices and International Standards is also provided with the aim to ensure fleet optimum operation as well as to prevent delays, off hires and potential fines. We identify, address and follow up ‘areas of concern’ by encouraging, based on our experience, efficient and effective procedures for improvement.

With our key risk indicators, we provide the client with a tool aiding in the early detection of potential risk exposures before they escalate.

The vessel marine risk assessment is recommended to clients who seek for objective evaluations and efficient calculation of the vessel risk profile and it is ideal for those who wish to obtain a clear picture of the asset condition, its safety integrity and operational readiness while it can be employed for chartering, insurance, banking, vetting purposes etc.