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We believe that the people hold a significant role in the Maritime Industry. Recent statistics demonstrate a significant increase of incidents resulting from the human element. Our services and products are designed and deployed in such a way to detect and prevent non-compliance and risks deriving from the current condition, incorrect implementation of regulations and established procedures, operational aspects as well as the human element.

The term ‘element’ should not be misinterpreted as something that occurs at the side-lines. Humans and their decisions affect shipping tremendously as they are at the very centre of the industry. Every few minutes a new decision is taken that may affect the working environment or established procedures from the routine daily works right through the policy decisions taken on an international level.

Our approach is inspired and driven by the phrase:

‘The shipping industry is run by people, for people as people design ships, build them, own them, crew them, maintain them, repair and salvage them. People also regulate them, survey, underwrite and investigate when things go wrong’.