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Vision and Policy


Prevention at Sea’s vision is to design, develop and provide diversified maritime services and innovative software products embracing best management practices, risk assessment techniques and ad-hoc training with the aim to prevent undesired and costly incidents and ensure ‘effective and efficient’ sailing. Prevention at Sea’s target is to provide the client with the tools and risk auditing schemes to aid the early detection of potential risk exposures such as ‘hidden’ hazards, unfolding events or trigger points that might signal pitfalls developing internally, or potential business risks emerging from external and surrounding circumstances.

We focus on developing complete solutions that will help the maritime industry boost its potentials and optimize performance by minimizing the likelihood of unexpected downfalls resulting from human factor or operational challenges.



Prevention at Sea is committed to maximum employees’ wellbeing, Client satisfaction, reliability and delivery of high quality services. The Company’s mission is the provision of optimum Maritime Consultancy services, advanced maritime Software products, Maritime Training Activities and Marine Risk Assessments as well as compliance with the International/National legislation and set standards.
  • Our aim is to fulfil the needs and expectations of all parties interacting with Prevention at Sea with integrity and through our practical procedural requirements;
  • The Company’s goal is to conduct its business in a manner that Clients and other interested parties are satisfied through the active participation of every employee;
  • To achieve our goals, we do best efforts in meeting Shipping Industry expectations and continually improving the effectiveness of the management system by identifying risks and new opportunities;
  • We ensure through quality control the design, development and delivery of First Class services to Clients and support on time, every time;
  • We monitor applicable maritime laws and regulations and apply responsible standards where laws and regulations do not exist so we ensure that our Clients will be provided with clear, accurate and detailed information;
  • We care about our staff and those interacting with our Company;
  • We do best efforts our staff to enjoy work and feel valued;
  • It is important to keep our employees well trained and share our knowledge with our Clients;
  • Our Staff is encouraged and empowered to participate in quality improvement activities through teamwork and focused task groups;
  • Our staff have individual responsibility for understanding and applying this Quality Policy in the performance of their task;
  • We undertake appropriate reviews and evaluations of the Company’s operations to measure progress, identify/ address operational risks and to foster compliance;
  • We operate smoothly and continuously improve the effectiveness and performance;
  • We identify new opportunities;
  • We promptly share significant findings with Clients, employees, contractors, governmental agencies and others who might be affected;
  • We believe that by having in place an effective management system, the Company can maximize its sustainability;
  • We practice social responsibility, promote energy saving and apply means for a sustainable workplace;
  • This Policy has the full support of Top Management and applies to all employees of the Company. The Top Management is fully committed to the Quality Policy through active participation and leadership by example.

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