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Fleet e-Log Books


M.O.R.S.ε. is a state-of-the-art, ‘cloud-ready’ centralized platform offering a variety of regulatory and operational ship logbooks in electronic format.

The platform was created with the latest Microsoft technologies and is in compliance with MEPC 312(74). M.O.R.S.E. other than the ability to communicate with existing software systems (e.g. PMS) used by Shipmanagement companies, it communicates with other P@S software products such as N.ε.MO. (EU MRV/IMO DCS monitoring) and RH Manager (work/rest hours) with the aim to provide a unique combination and a holistic solution for the effective monitoring and reporting on the performance and daily operations recorded in log books.

Features of the platform also include:



  • Statistical analysis, benchmarking and diagnostics
  • Environmental index and various performance indices based on the recorded fleet data
  • Map tool with a library of regulatory and various useful information for major geographical areas
  • Planning ahead future tasks



  • Continuous company and fleet overview
  • A single point of entry which supports the recording of entries in multiple record books at the same time
  • Fully configurable user/role profiles providing flexibility with the aim to meet client’s unique needs
  • Ability to manage users, amend the parameters, privileges and settings applicable to the fleet from your desk (platform office version)
  • Offers transparency, traceability and audit trail
  • Automated upgrades take place when new features or upgrades are released
  • Ability of the platform to recognize uncommon patterns
  • Red flags, notifications and alerts are automatically raised
  • Chat tool enabling direct communication with the ship
  • Custom reports and alerts



  • Data reporting takes place through blockchain technology
  • User access is controlled by security mechanisms



  • Modern design
  • Uniformity of User Interface and user-friendly navigation
  • Unique color theme for each logbook
  • Mobile responsive web platform
  • Calendar view and Kanban view for user friendly management of log book records



  • Available after sales support 24/7 on maritime regulatory and technical matters
  • Helpdesk
  • System health reports
  • Dedicated software support engineer to each client
  • Regular updates twice per year