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Marine Risk Assessment for Quality Assurance

The marine risk assessment scheme is a risk-based approach on fleet condition, operation and management, taking into consideration the human element, as well as evaluation of the vessel as an asset, which integrates concepts of internal control together with strategic planning. The ‘marine risk assessment’ includes the methods and processes used by Prevention at Sea to identify and manage risks related to the achievement of our clients’ set targets and objectives.
The marine risk assessment scheme is addressed to ship operators, charterers, banks, P&Is and registries seeking for quality assurance and efficient evaluation of the ship operator and the vessel condition as well as its operational readiness by significantly assessing the human factor. It is also in line with BIMCO recommendations for the marine risk assessment charter party clause.

A risk profile of the vessel or the ship operator, allows the client to identify marine risks that may lead to unpleasant incidents and provides the client the operational variables to which they may be exposed. Through the risk profile calculation process, a clear view of the area(s) in need of improvement along with corrective/preventing actions are communicated to the client with the aim to step in before the escalation of the identified risks.