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RH Managεr

The “RH Manager” is a Lloyd’s Register certified maritime software and was developed to help Mariners and the Shipping professionals to monitor effectively the implementation of the conditions set out in STCW (including exemptions, as applicable), MLC 2006, OPA 90, 46 US Code 8102 for the rest periods on board the fleet.

More specifically, it was developed in accordance with the “Rest hours conditions” set out in the relevant International Maritime Conventions and it assists the users to monitor and record efficiently the Work/Rest hours on board a vessel.

The users have the option to visualize the log books used for the ship's internal purposes, by recording events connected to the Mariner's daily tasks as well as the ship's operations. This feature provides the users the benefit of identifying whether the log book records coincide and the recorded events amongst the log books are uniquely date and time stamped. This is achieved by automatically cross checking whether the same Mariner's task or ship's event have been recorded in more than one log books under different time and date stamp, or different entries of work/rest periods have been recorded for the same task/event. 

By using the “RH Manager”, the user is able to easily insert data and instantly be able to evaluate the rule violations. The Software provides accurate notification of the time period where the violation occurs and the affected regulation. 

When a violation or notification is triggered / detected, the Software provides the user a comprehensive list of the subject violations/notifications from which they are able to identify, by clicking on the listed item, which time period is affected. 

The Software can also be used for planning the working hours by recording the expected tasks/events. Work data may be entered in a number of ways e.g. manually, as individual work, team work or predefined shifts.

The ‘RH Manager’ is an extremely valuable tool in the seafarer’s hands on board as data can be easily transferred to the ship operator through our servers and portal and can be monitored from the Office.

The software is available under ‘Pay as you Ship’ annual scheme. Click here for more details.